a full weekend

Friday was a pretty average day, although the bad weather created such surge pricing on Uber that it hardly seemed worth it to spend our $200 in gift cards from the holidays if we had to spend thirty bucks to get to Target. We’d hoped to get at least that trip done today, as we have other little local errands that will need to be fit in around online classes and social plans.

Still, thanks to our neighborhood Buy Nothing group, Claudia’s wish to have a copy of Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank was fulfilled, at our door, in less than 24 hours. Our Buy Nothing group is part of a larger mutual aid endeavor, and that’s just where I want to put my energies. I’m also trying to post one item — an outgrown board game, a puzzle, books — every time the previous item is claimed. It’s contributing to a feeling of increasing lightness.

Radio Shack is attempting to rebrand itself through the marketing magic of nostalgia, and today we got the neat and compact little coding and circuitry kit they’ve put out.

There are plenty of middle school science curricula to choose from, but they should ALL come with a free trip to the salad bar; they’re dry and incomplete, and I’ll add in anything I can find on the side. Béla has really done a lot of circuit building this year.

Saturday both took a class in Building Stacked Houses. Architecturally cool, although Claudia rage-quit just before the end of the class and Béla continued on his own for hours afterward.

The dried moss was a cool touch.

It ought to be a pretty lively week ahead of us… with just seven days until I am the mother of a teenager! I am smitten.


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