These are a Tudor-era biscuit known as Jumbles — a relatively quick an easy bake for Béla this Monday.

I think he’d be doing more cooking and not all so much baking if it were not for the virus, but not being able to go on trips to fish markets and whatnot have slowed down the cooking. Plus, The Great British Baking Show became our surprise religion, capturing our hearts in a way we never thought possible.

We will need all hands on deck for Claudia’s thirteenth birthday cake this weekend. “I’ll always be your baby,” she told me tonight, and I was the richest woman who had ever lived. She loves me. Because I’m me. She blows me away.

Her National Mythology Exam showed up today and it looks like, as we often do, we might have overstudied some. It’s still better than the alternative.

Meanwhile, Tuck gets his first vaccine Thursday! Lots happening,


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