don’t call it a comeback

We’ve been here a year. In quarantine.

Only the most limited, tenuous connections are returning here and there. The kids are very conservative about playing with their very lives — who’d have guessed? We know it’s not a straight path to full open doors. But Tuck and I each have our first vaccine in us, and that’s a huge step forward.

Last night we watched the Grammys. The kids had never seen it the “regular” way so had no idea how unusual it looked. But it was full of people they loved — Trevor Noah, Anderson .Paak, Billie Eilish — and Jay-Z had some amazing Basquiat-like freeform locs going.

Because not every Black person is a person who wants to spend hours perfecting their edges.

B and C were just full on bonkers for three and a half hours. The anticipation, the excitement. The popcorn.

Tonight, to celebrate the Ides of March, the National Junior Classics League had a live Among Us game on YouTube.

Also a good time.

Just getting our minds around the fact that it’s been a year. And how in many ways it’s been a wonderful year.


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