round-bottom bowls made the ancient world go ‘round

Get on the good foot. Art is not expendable.

Um, yeah. Had people actually forgotten that? Certainly when people climb all over one another to get their kids into a “prestigious” school, it’s always got a “great arts program”.

Well, how about Claudia’s free teen program through Fleisher Art Memorial, where she’s currently taking a workshop in the history of Street Art? Yesterday students were wheatpasting. Claude may have been one of the only students whose mom had already been wheatpasting the inside walks of their house. But I’ll take it outside soon enough. I’d love my first arrest to be for wheatpasting.

With some kits that had initially just seemed like Easter-y, seasonal art, we’ve actually found an interesting historical lesson, in the round-bottomed bowl.

Meanwhile Claude is heavy into her anime drawing trip again. She is good.

Meanwhile, round-bottomed bowls started drying enough to take out of the molds.

There were enough supplies left over for me to be able to make a bowl (even though the kids used all the gold leaf.) I had what I thought was a cool idea and asked “Does anyone want to know what my secret ingredient is going to be for my bowl?” (Since I had hinted numerous times that I had a secret plan and no one bit.)

“The dead,” said Claudia, laden with ennui. (Unlike Elvis Costello, Claudia has always been low-key disgusted or at least unimpressed, but she’s never even tried to be amused.)

So I have to go picking through my cremains library, while the kids still attempt to clean up the glitter spilled on the table by identifying bits by color and only cleaning up what they used, not what the other used. The mismanagement of personal resources between the two of them drives me batty; they could stage a coup and take over the neighborhood if they wanted, but neither of them is going to get caught washing a fork if they did the silverware last night. Arga warga!


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