a weekend

“I love waking up at home on the weekends. It feels like being in a movie,” Claudia told me yesterday.

She loves to look at the line of townhouses out her bedroom window, and hear folks outside.

Claude had her first rehearsal with Settlement Music School’s Senior Choir on Friday evening. She’ll soldier through The Lion King but after that is Hamilton and she’s very excited.

On Saturday — a record-breaking six hour D&D game. During that time, Tara and Xay stopped by with some aloe plants for Claude’s locs.

Today Facebook reminded me it had been a year since I introduced Béla to “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner”. Oh boy, is he getting that comic book on the scanner this week. Looking at Facebook memories in general from a year ago really shows how less… broken we all were. We were scared, but we were hype. Everyone wanted to give anything they had, to take everyone’s mind off of things. It was an entirely different energy.

C and B were outside on their own for a few hours today, Masked with Max, and skateboarding.

Béla also made his first lemon curd.


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