gift package from cornwall

A friend sent me some hometown goodies, which adds a nice new regional element to Tucker’s playing card deck collection… and introduced Béla to a new Korean Marvel hero, Taegukgi.

Béla’s so into that graphing calculator that the Easter Tucker got him. Béla’s interest in electronics, programming and circuit-building seems to tend toward the vintage… but it’s not entirely defined yet. It’s interesting to see how it develops. I like to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. It’s been a successful strategy so far.

“It’s satisfying to me.”

Béla and I watched A Shot in the Dark, which made him laugh as much as I thought it would. He then made lemon madelines, using bicarbonate as a rising agent rather than just egg white. Important to try these things out.

Both kids played hours of D&D with friends online (and compared madeline recipes!) while Tuck prepared some spring planting in the yard — flowers, and marrowfat peas. He and Béla planted on Sunday. B. is oddly excited about filling the “adult” inflatable lounging pool we had last year in our shady garden.

We began this morning hanging out in bed together and having a Big Talk, full of plans and excitement. And today, for the first time in over a year, they walked adult-free to Acme, for junk food and hanging around the park. With kids they have known since kindergarten. No wonder that on Friday Claudia told me she felt like she had “rolled twenty” for her weekend.


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