day 132: someone is subconsciously wondering about halloween.

This was how I first saw Béla today. He asked me to buy more colored tape. I have. Every minute they have not been socially engaged online (which was Pod Time* and a long D&D game with neighborhood kids) Claude has been writing and recording a new song. I have been waiting here like the…

day 131: Scientifically Processed Animal Matter

Yep, Béla took a camp class in SPAM today. With a Korean speaker. Tuck did another very big food shop; we have run out of freezer room (including a basement freezer). He is also logging everything. You have to keep a close eye on your boxed goods. We had a huge thunderstorm, too.

peals of goddamn laughter: summer (day 130)

During Pod Time at Odyssey. During Odyssey D&D. In the pool in the backyard, to the degree that the neighbors texted (again) to say how wonderful it was to hear them laughing and… cursing. They curse a lot. But it’s pre-teen cursing, not BAD cursing. We also had to stop laughing and Beware. Claudia showed…

day 129

Have you been the un-American? Just you and your idol sing falsetto ’bout Leather, leather everywhere And not a myth left from the ghetto Well, well, well, would you carry a razor In case, just in case of depression? Sit on your hands on a bus of survivors Blushing at all the Afro-Sheeners Ain’t that…

day 128

Two very worn-down, unhappy kids this evening. Two hurting kids. Learning their power.

day 127: on a july 18th in 2019…

A miracle occurred. “Okay children, take out your enormous i-Phones.” Of course, now: “Oooooh la-la Aah oui oui…” An exciting (I think) book came for Claude, And some other project plans were solidified. I’m the definition of well-rested for possibly the first time in… decades? And about to have some homemade tapioca pudding.

day 126: 365 days of marble

Leap year’s extra day gave us the opportunity to celebrate early, with a new collar, with all her tags transferred to it. Marble has loved these children ferociously every day of the calendar. They have held, kissed, fed, watched over, been careful of, cleaned up after, and loved her for every day of the calendar….

day 125: lots

Projects coming: Hamilton quarantine singalong (“I’m not going to leave this! House!) Pool warming up. New irons in the fire. Need a goat kefir.

day 124: migraine

Whew! Well, that was that, pretty much from the moment my eyes saw sun. I never spent a day looking at a screen less (and let me tell you, that feels good.) Even though I had to play vampire, seeds I had sown on prior days sprouted. We will have some fun tomorrow. Thing making…

day 123: we still have a pool

It generates a lot of shrieking. Leave it to Claudia to get in a pool with street clothes and still look like a model. The dappled light is courtesy of a tree I planted from a seed, years before they were born. They had Pod time at Odyssey and finished their Neil de Grasse Tyson…

day 122: pool

Because we rule. AND it was free because it took so long to get here. Only thing we had to move out of the way was their punching bag. Love love love love love.