grateful every day

A Philadelphia charter school had lead in its drinking water and kept the information from its parents.

Meanwhile, my kids are reading about the Black Panthers’ free breakfast program for children, and wondering how they could help make even a small program like that happen — one that completely circumvented the lying, poisoning Philadelphia schools.

The very best moments of my life have been spent in homeschooling. This was NOT my choice, and I was not prepared when we started — and now, I know we will never run out of ideas. This journey has given my life more meaning than anything else I have ever done. It has empowered me in ways that will not disappear when my kids leave the nest, for college or whatever (and I see already that their thinking is updated enough to know that “whatever” may well be the happier and more stable option.) They are living in their world, not mine. But, oh, they have blessed me with some of theirs as well.

And they didn’t drink any poisoned water today. But I did read about the teacher who snuck students water out of the staff coolers (teachers weren’t using those fountains!) but was still too scared to speak up about it. “I didn’t want to be seen as a dramatic new teacher that was causing problems,” she is quoted as saying.

Willing to poison children to be less unpopular.

Willing to poison children to be less unpopular.

Not a student. A teacher.

UPDATE: Oh my God.


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