164: calling on that village

I’d forgotten how many false starts it took at times to start a knitting project (but Béla’s sweater is now officially on the needles; last night, it was a two-time false start.)

And someone else was up very late, although she swore she was “savoring” “The Song of Achilles”. (I was not invited to the savoring.)

Then I tried working on their lesson plans for September, but the back end of the new curriculum was buggy and this all resulted in me getting to bed at… nine. AM. The thing that comes six hours after 3am. I didn’t even know this was possible.

It’s not very restful, nor uninterrupted. I was pretty productive, considering.

Claude had social time with I think two different girlfriends by phone. It was the beginning of Odyssey’s after school program, so the kids had that.

Oh, last night I could have written more about Claudia’s Halloween costume, but was too distracted and it’s just as well I did it today. I had put up this graphic on Facebook and told people not to research it, but try to guess Claudia’s costume:

Now, my friend Sundown is someone whose mom game I truly wish I could live up to. My admiration is totally unabashed. Mother of seven, almost every selfie with a margarita in it (like Where’s Waldo?), my favorite artifact of her on social media is a video titled “Black Sabbath”, where she is front and center at a concert, looking dead-eyed at the camera, eating with slow deliberation a massive piece of fried chicken.

She never fails to surprise me.

Yes. About a week ago Claudia announced she wanted to be Achilles for Halloween. I was like “Fine, easy, arrow through the heel, no prob.” Immediate offense. “I’M NOT GOING TO BE ACHILLES AT THE END OF HIS LIFE. HE DID SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.”


One of the things Achilles did was have a REALLY personalized shield made for him, and I mean really. Homer’ description of Achilles’ shield is the earliest known example in literature of a piece of art or craft being described specifically so the reader could get a picture of it in their mind. (It’s so handy that I know things like this, how else could we homeschool?)

Béla still does not know what he wants to be for Halloween (nor what he wants for his birthday. I think he is more focused on what he doesn’t want and is a little stressed about both days.) He was happy today though to spend two hours with Tuck and Nello working on his derby car.

Nello has him practicing with various saws and a piece of poplar, so the pine would be easy by comparison. He also had him practicing cutting angles.

Nello’s dad passed this summer at age 94 and is responsible for all the woodwork in the Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia on Broad St. Béla could not have a better or more patient mentor. (Masked and with as much distance as possible.)

We are full of gratitude and Kung Pao chicken and broccoli, and all in bed EARLY.


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