day 194: claudia has a homework assignment from mx. lissy at mythology scholars club

She had to make a classical meme.

She did it.

I don’t get it. But honestly I think that made her happier.

After wearing almost nothing but grey and black for years, I found a Marimekko top on deep discount (five bucks!) and gave it to her — I told her either she’d wear it or not, but I liked it.

She came down in it this morning.

This afternoon, after leaving it in the box for weeks, she decided to try on her Achilles’ wig — much of which will not be seen due to her helmet. Still, this was odd, after avoiding it for weeks. She wore it for a long time. Like little-kid Claudia, in bright clothes and a wig.

A few minutes later she was wearing elbow-length, green chroma-key gloves and carrying her PA system and vocal mike upstairs. I said “What is this? A costume and a microphone? This is like my little…”

“Don’t push it,” she said.

Later, because we are cool, Tuck and I made our own classical meme.

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