day 215: this one goes out to the truly ignorant.

What is a “chosen family member”? I was asked today.

It is gratifying to see people who DEFINE ignorance snort down your pearls of wisdom.

It’s not like they made an actual LAW Center for such freaks, right?


It’s interesting how easily you can see people get trapped in an honest reply when they thought they were gonna have their Scooby-Doo moment and pull off your mask. Aw.

Oh, also! Check out this (and many similar articles) online! Looks like a very occasional stay-up-all-night … like the type kids do at sleepovers? Isn’t as dangerous as SENDING THEM INTO SPACE.

There are some sad, aging people who check their grey hairs every day and try to stay fit so they can pretend they’re twenty-five but the one thing that will always bring them back to the reality they dread is progress and acceptance. “Chosen family”???? What IS it???? (Thousands of years old.) Sleeping patterns that are not uninterrupted 8-10 hours? Crack an American History book.

What interests me most is that some people’s greatest common export is (attempts at) shame. And they tend to not be so great at this… because they don’t know how to pick what’s really shameful as opposed to just fifth-grade teasing.

That’s just where some people stop.

Thank God it’s not us.

Oh, And people can all drink out of the same drinking fountains now too.



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