day 217: the teeniest trojan horse.

Oh, the memories Tuck has given him over the years. They got all gluey, I shouted suggestions, and I worked on Béla’s sweater, which needs another preview! This weekend for sure.

This is a BIG Halloween prep weekend and the weather is lovely for it. I’m so happy! and Béla is just over the moon — he lives for this mano-a-mano project time.

Béla’s been wearing the “pre-loved” (secondhand) flannels I got him, and then guess who got interested. Claude. She tried to sneak off with one, so I got her four of her own. Tuck was interested too but wisely wants to get down to his pre-COVID weight before he buys ‘em… although with schools closing fast again, we’ve got to get ourselves in a new fitness challenge, other than just knitting Béla’s sweater! (Which is looking FIIIIIIIIIIINE.)

I predict tomorrow will be a seriously swell day.


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