28 days later (easter)

Last night, some of us went to sleep at 10pm, some at 1am, some at 4am.

Still, EVERYBODY gets up for Easter morning together.

After all, we must see if the Easter Anchovy of Antioch brought gifts for Marble. He did — a special “bunny-kicking” toy that will spare all our forearms, and… unexpectedly…

a baby.

She has been keeping watch over this little calico “kitten”, purring and licking it, this afternoon.

Veteran Deputy Bunny Tucker worked his Glasgowian magic as soon as we heard THE TUNNOCK’S FACTORY WAS CLOSING TEMPORARILY DUE TO THE PANDEMIC. We saw our British friends dashing to the stores to stock up. How does the Easter Bunny do it?

Tony’s Chocolonely is THE BEST CHOCOLATE ON EARTH and the kids got cartons of eggs!!

Béla got new shirts, including one depicting his analog mixer that he got from Megabyte!

Claudia got woodland elf ears.

We miss our family next door, across the country, and across the ocean.

We reminisced about last year when we went to Loco Pez for brunch and to Amalgam Comics later. But we are happy to be home with a big pot of split pea soup full of leftover ham on a rainy night.


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