day 174: learn what you’re not supposed to

Our friend Rich, who has been Béla’s photography teacher for wow, just about two years, has started his own project-based learning center.

(I knew I’d found the right site when it seemed he’d forgotten to put his own name anywhere on it.)

He is the photographer who took the tabloid-perfect “school photos” for the kids’ first homeschooling year, and he took THE best sibling portrait they’ve ever had. I can’t find it at the moment. Good thing he keeps stuff too. Here is when he and the kids were taken up by the Rapture way back in the day:

We are looking forward to his BIPOC/LGBTQ+ musical theater class.

Claudia technically had her first class of the year today — the first of a six-week class on The Odyssey — and while everything had been grunts and single syllables to me up to the point where she “stepped in” to the classroom… then she was SERVING Homer.

Then she and I had a conversation about a Thing I’d Seen on Instagram and Liked, so Ms. “Why Do I Have The Smallest Bedroom (you chose it)” and “My Walls Are Just Whitish With Béla’s Feet Marks On Them (you picked this paint)”, is permitted to paint a mural on her bedroom wall. Planning — with historical accuracy — is underway.

The slightly worrisome news of the day is that Béla does not feel great. He has a sore throat. His temp is low; he can smell and taste, is not coughing, and has no other symptoms accept less than one hour of consciousness today so far. We woke him up at four for a cup of tea and he came downstairs and fell asleep again. We are keeping a close eye on it.

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