happy thanksgiving

The last few years we have made every traditional starter, side dish and dessert, but no turkey — because nobody likes turkey here. But I wanted the skin, and I wanted to make soup, so we had a turkey.

One individual benefitted in particular.

In an earlier fit of unrepentant fandom I had scoured the internet for holiday decorations like those seen in the Gavin and Stacey Xmas special of 2019. I put them up last night.

Our goal for the day was to watch as much of Schitt’s Creek as possible (it’s what we did last year) but we took a break during actual “dinner” to watch this earlier week’s episode of His Dark Materials, which we had missed. It was exciting to see a whole seen at the Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford, where we have visited too! And, in one scene in the show, Béla pointed to a mid-range, unfocused character in a group shot and said “I think that’s the actor that plays Paddy” (McGuire, on Shameless). We scoffed — the man was a mere blur!

He was also Paddy McGuire. A bit older but still very handsome. I then saw Terence Stamp in the show’s credits — I do NOT think he was in this episode but I do enjoy Terence Stamp!

This is Thanksgiving for people who do not watch football. It’s one am and I’m afraid to say David has not even met Patrick yet on Schitt’s Creek and somehow there’s still a pie in the oven.

On a final note, we have a large chair in our back room that the kids fight over constantly. This was them on Black Friday of 2009.


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