day seven: sunday

Cleaning house and yard.

Watched “The Wicker Man” with the kids. I guess I was never sure when the reasonable age would be, but since Rowan Morrison herself was twelve…

They really liked it and Claudia caught at least half of the big spoiler halfway through. She has had a lifelong talent for narrative.

She was also working on an amazing drawing to go with the story she’s writing.

The kids Skyped with Keren and were shrieking with laughter playing “101 Questions”. It was even funnier when Keren had texted me what she was thinking of as an answer and I was listening to the kids’ guesses.

Marble is on the mend.

Inventory of food and sanitary items is being done so we know what we have and when we need more.

It occurs to me now that if we go officially into shelter in place tomorrow by order of the Governor, Béla’s hair will have grown out so much by the time he’s able to get it cut, that I can maybe indulge my wish for him to bring back the mullet.

We are happy and feel fine right now. More than enough to do academically and creatively. Schoolwork moves ahead as usual tomorrow!


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