day 135: fitness challenge — hadrian’s wall

A little surprised at how much I had to pay to register us for this virtual event, but our household is now a team making its way across the Roman British ruin, Hadrian’s Wall.

Hadrian’s Wall is featured in the Roman Britain set Claudia recently got from the Royal Mail. So is Dover Lighthouse, which I probably saw countless times when I was in Dover. I checked my old photo albums today; it doesn’t appear I ever photographed it.

Meandering along Hadrian’s Wall starts rather close to my pal Kala’s flat! And we get very nice medals at the end.

Claudia has been begging me for an apple pie, telling me how my apple pie is the best in the world and openly disparaging other pies she has had in relatively recent times. So we are rounding out the weekend with some pie. We also got to pick grapes in our own alley today — Nello’s vines have finally reached our yard. Maybe we can stomp them in the pool!

Jungle Caaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

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