day 181: presenting the “pet sematary”

It should eclipse all other accomplishments or dearth of them today; Béla’s first pinewood derby car is finished and ready to go off to Da Vinci Art Alliance where it will compete next month. Big ups to Nello and Tuck for their help. Presenting the “Pet Sematary”.

Since Thursday’s are generally recovery days, and since it was tacit that Béla would be working entirely offline, he finished his car and did math worksheets (on paper). He also (for the language exposure, naturally) watched THE horror film everyone’s talking about: Alive! on Netflix. George Romero has handed over his zombie scepter to South Korea. They are in it to win it. It is working.

Claude had her Odyssey class, did core T4L, and possibly read an entire novel about women during the Trojan War.

I’ve made significant progress on Béla’s sweater, myself!


Please remember we need to stay alive. We are making Halloween costumes but we do not expect trick or treating. We are talking about how we want our holidays to feel but we know that what matters most is being together.

By Tuesday both kids will be old enough to get their flu jabs at a CVS rather than their pediatrician’s office. I can double up and get the pneumonia shot again too.

Hang tight.


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