Just shortly after midnight!

We had talked lately and noted that Claudia had refused many of our “invitations” to join us on our walks. When we looked at the numbers, she had not been much of a team player, and had not added much to our impending success.

Considering we were all getting medals, it seemed — quite literally — that the dog had done a great deal more as a team player than Claudia had. The dog had also lost weight and had started to run, whereas prior to this challenge she was getting stiff and slow. No one was really looking forward to telling Claudia that she either needed to join us on the team outings or no longer consider herself part of the team, but last night as she saw us shoeing up to go out, she made it easy on us. “I’ve won medals before. I’ll win medals again,” she said dismissively. And so we left.

She was congratulatory when we returned, but a little less so when she scuttled down from her lair a half hour later to see that Tuck had gone to CVS to get us treats to celebrate. Béla had Reeses’ pumpkins. Then she stomped out of the room angrily.

This is definitely going to be the year we learn about time management, effort/reward, and how time does not magically begin at whatever hour of the day you decide to leave your room. And, that there are no “Practically No Participation” rewards.

Oh — but because I had been worried last week about spilling the beans on Béla’s Rufus Wainwright birthday surprise, I had not wanted to show either of the kids yet the clip I’d found from Rufus’ Opera — about the Emperor Hadrian!

Does the synchronicity ever cease?

In addition to finishing up the last of his core work for the week, Béla started to learn the percussion part he is playing in the samba ensemble for the film “We Are Here”, the virtual version of our much loved Handmade Parade in Hebden Bridge, England. Béla bought an agogo at a house sale a few years ago and is ready to go.

We got started on Halloween today, really digging in. Costume planning is well in hand and I have very rarely made Halloween decor for the house but I am thrilled with how our drippy, webby candles came out. (We will need to get better pictures.) They are made of pool noodles.

Quite a day, really — it’s almost midnight and I haven’t even taken out my knitting yet.


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