day 191: sundays. they’re sundays.

You can call it an old wives’ tale but you may wanna do so from a safe distance: guess what mother and daughter have synchronized their cycles?

I don’t know what inspired her to start this drawing but she wasn’t interested in finishing it. I liked it.

I am happy that I am provided with a rubric for grading assignments like this one, so that Claudia can practice arguing with me like an entitled Oxford student about the fact that I gave her an 85.

The best moment of the day: Béla really wanted to hear Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree again this year, but I did not want to take any of my or Tuck’s energy or time from Riddley Walker. So, since Tuck had never been home to hear me reading the book — Béla started reading it aloud this evening. So sweet.

Claude has her Latin homework ready for tomorrow, we are ready to ride.


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