day 243, fahrenheit 451

First off: how beautiful is she?

And this new fashion statement of multiple flannel shirts and severely torn leggings — I love it.

That bone structure.

Béla did not get to finish reading The Halloween Tree aloud to Tuck, mostly because we had such a big busy Halloween season. But he did say he did not feel he could read any other books by Ray Bradbury, particularly any at an adult level, because of the tumbling, often alliterative style. (Not his words, as if they were, he’d be reading more Ray Bradbury for fun.) But I had really wanted to share Fahrenheit 451 with them, and the movie is so amazing — and Béla in particular loves mid-20th century stuff.

So we set out to find that on TV, and found — oh darn — there was a remake. With Michael B. Jordan. (And Michael Shannon, whom I love.)

Well, they weren’t going to pay attention to any old movie if they could watch the same thing with Killmonger/Creed in it. I find MBJ super dull… but, we watched that one.

And they were certainly freaked out by the whole concept. And liked the movie — which had a small thread of “when the apocalypse happens, you’re really gonna depend on autistic people to save your butts” in it. But I’m still gonna have them watch the old one.

Claude is upstairs practicing an original bass and vocal composition. You can tell by the way her wonderful theory teacher has written this out for her how he feels about her (that, and his e-mails to me refer to her as “the adored one”.)

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